• Stradivarius Violin sold for Charity Relief in Japan

    A rare violin is instrumental in raising funds for victims of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan on March 11. The violin, one of only 600 instrument made by the legendary Antonio Stradivari that are known to exist, was auctioned off by The Nippon Music Foundation Monday for an all time high of nearly

  • Homeless students find home at school

    Private donors in one of Las Vegas’ most poverty-stricken neighborhoods give hope to young students. Only Positive News, 6/20/2011

  • Peace Laureates Take on the War on Women

    According to the UN, one in five women will face sexual assault worldwide.  The startling statistic prompted six Nobel Peace Laureates to create the Nobel Women’s Initiative to stop sexual abuse as a weapon of war.  To kickstart their efforts, the organization held a three-day international conference in Canada. Women's Media Center, 6/15/2011

  • 3-On Your Side: Charitable Giving on the Web

    Beginning with a touching story about social media helping a family in need, this article describes several websites that are giving a helping hand to people who need it– focusing on one family with two autistic kids who were in need of a specially trained dog. The children's mother was overwhelmingly touched when a large

  • This isn’t Grandpa’s retirement

    Read about the difference being made by Judith Van Ginkel, age 71, and the dozens of social workers who help her run her organization, Every Child Succeeds. Every Child Succeeds is a home visitation program overseen by Cincinnati Children's Hospital that ensures low-income, at-risk pregnant women and their children get proper medical care and support.

  • Making a Positive Difference Resources

      Making a Difference on NBC Nightly News As Brian Williams, Anchor and Managing Editor of NBC Nightly News and Rock Center explains, the “Making a Difference segments have become a signature of the broadcast. They adhere to a simple goal of highlighting the good works being done across the country and around the world.”


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