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Employee News & Engagement Portal

The Employee News & Engagement Portal is a turnkey solution to delivering aggregated news and information and original content to inspire & engage employees in a company's CSR initiatives, health & wellness educational programs, and team-building activities.

Currently being used by Beiersdorf Corporation's US Employee Intranet, the Good for You Network is now offering this powerful employee news and engagement portal to companies nationwide.

The Good For You NewsRoom is the go-to place for busy employees to find daily aggregate news articles on Health & Wellness, Financial & Workplace Well-Being, Home & Family, Lifestyle & Relationships, Going Green, and stories about people making a positive difference in their own lives, as well as contributing to the well-being of family, friends, co-workers, their company & community.

Every day, the Good For You editorial staff searches the web to bring you the latest news from renowned news sources as well as emerging sites and blogs with important news, ideas and ways to get involved in socially redeeming causes and to Be the CEO of Your Own Well-Being.

The Good For You Message Center lets employees share something good that they are doing for themselves & others, express thanks and gratitude to co-workers, congratulate for a job well done, motivate & inspire, encourage & support. It’s good for employee morale and good for corporate CSR and health & wellness initiatives.

In addition to choosing titles from our national consumer site, the Good For You Network’s design and editorial team will design custom graphical e-cards based on your specific CSR initiatives, health & wellness programs, and team-building activities

The Good For You BoardRoom platform is a collaborative action tool in the form of a Dry Erased Graphical Interface that lets employees assemble task-forces focused on corporate initiatives by submitting ideas and actions and reporting on their success. For example, a Project Board, Goal Board, Decision Board, To-Do Board, Brainstorm Board, and other Idea/Achievement Boards can be created to support ongoing projects, United Way drives and other causes and company concerns.

When Boards are set-up, co-workers can be invited to join in and respond to posts in the spirit of collaborative ideation, encouragement and acknowledgement.

Customize Your Good For You Employee News & Engagement Portal

Your Good For You Employee News & Engagement Portal will feature your branded logo and color scheme throughout the screen architecture and includes the base NewsRoom with content from topical sections (you choose) from the national consumer site. However use the worksheet below to identify other interactive engagement modules and custom content you are interested in.

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