Acts of kindness multiply into the hundreds for Lakewood 8-year-old

Acts of kindness multiply into the hundreds for Lakewood 8-year-old
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Alex McKelvey of Washington State was only 6 years old when her maternal grandmother died in September of 2013.  The now 8 year old youngster recently told The News Tribune: “Mom and Grandma were best buddies, and mom cried a lot when she passed on.”  

So she and her mom , Sarah, set out to do something special to honor the life of Grandma, Linda, who would have turned 60 on March 22, 2014.  Why not perform 60 acts of kindness in her memory, as a way to turn their personal sadness into something that would benefit others.

Alex says, “I try to do acts of kindness at home, but they don’t count.  You have to do them for someone you don’t know, or as a surprise for someone you do know, like one of your teachers.”

So together, she and her mom have done acts both  big and small–from helping to paint a youth center, donate clothes to a shelter, toys to St. Jude’s Hospital, to surprising a waitress with a large tip and giving away detergent & quarters at a laundromat.

But 60 acts were not enough for the mother, daughter duo.  They decided to go for ten times that number and document their 600 acts on Instagram with the hashtag #forlinda.

Sarah would like her daughter to be an inspiration to us all:   “I’m always amazed by her heart. I look at her spirit of giving to others and think, ‘If an 8 year old can do this, why can’t everyone?'”

The News Tribune, 3/17/15

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