• Rekindling first love later in life

    Rekindling first love later in life

    What is it about the power of lost love? Read the stories of people who have reconnected years later and rekindled meaningful relationships from their past.

  • Message to Self: In 2015, Stop Texting While Walking

    Message to Self: In 2015, Stop Texting While Walking

    How often do you text while walking and find yourself oblivious to what’s going on around you? It happened to New York Times writer Nick Bilton one time too many. After literally colliding head-on into another man who was also not paying attention because he too was busy texting, Bilton decided it was time for a New Year’s resolution: Make a conscious effort to stop what research has shown has become an all too common practice for many.

  • Creating a New Mission Statement

    It’s one thing to make a New Year’s resolution. It’s another to keep it. So with the best of intentions, you may have already resolved that this is the year you lose weight, exercise more or do something that you’ve never done before. But would you stand a better chance of actually realizing your goals, if you first crafted a mission statement for yourself–akin to what a business would do?

  • Just a Coincidence, or a Sign

    Think about a time in your life when something happened that made you say, “What a coincidence!” Everyone experiences them. But are coincidences just chance occurrences or could they be helpful “signs” worth paying attention to?

  • How You Make Decisions Says a Lot About How Happy You Are

    Do you tend to take your time before making a decision–analyzing the pros and cons as you check out and weigh different options. Or do you usually make decisions relatively quickly without the need to agonize over every detail? Wall Street Journal columnist Elizabeth Bernstein discusses the latest research on how our decision-making style affects our happiness.

  • Reclaiming Our (Real) Lives From Social Media

    Nick Bilton, a columnist and reporter for The New York Times began thinking about how much time he was devoting each day to social media. He writes that what started out as “exciting and novel” began to take over his life and “consume every hour of my day.” So he asked himself: “At the end of the day, what do I have to show for it? Am I more enriched as a human being after a couple of hours spent on Facebook? More fulfilled from Pinterest? A deeper person from Instagram?”

  • Psychologist: Social Media Causing A ‘Distancing Phenomena’ To Take Place

    Social media has certainly become a an integral part of many people’s daily lives. But especially for those who spend a lot of time online, how does it affect their ability to interact and communicate with others when they find themselves face-to-face?

  • The Found Art of Thank-You Notes

    Jimmy Fallon is doing his part to bring thank you notes back into the spotlight! His weekly thank you notes segment on “The Tonight Show” is a humorous reminder that we have so many things to be grateful for. And research shows that expressing gratitude is good for you! From stress relief and better sleep to a more positive outlook, sharing what you’re thankful for benefits you.

  • Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say

    How often do you find yourself quickly skimming an article online without actually reading the whole thing? Do you think it affects your ability to sit down and read a book the traditional way? Cognitive neuroscientists worry that our tendency to scan instead of thoroughly reading is impacting not only the way we read on and offline, but just how well we comprehend what we’re reading.

  • Laughter Improves Overall Health

    The old saying “laughter is the best medicine” really does ring true. Dr. Cynthia M. Thaik, author of “Your Vibrant Heart,” writes: “Laughter is similar to a mild workout: A good laugh contracts your abdominal muscles, gets the blood flowing, decreases blood pressure and stress hormones, improves sleeping patterns and boosts the immune system by increasing the number of T-cells in your body.”

  • Love through the Lens

    Photographer Brandon Stanton, who has a website called Humans of New York, is on a mission to show what love means through his pictures. To date, he has taken over 5,000 photos of people in love around New York City, from older couples who know only too well each others “flaws” to young love that is just beginning and will change in time.

  • Texting while walking poses safety risk and makes you ‘like a robot’, study finds

    Have you ever been so focused on texting while walking that you bumped right into someone? It’s more than just annoying; it can actually be very dangerous for you and others. Researchers at the University of Queensland in Australia have found that texting while walking inhibits your ability to walk in a straight line and slows you down, which puts you at risk of getting injured.

  • The higher purpose of doodling

    Are you a doodler? The Oxford English Dictionary says that a doodle is a “drawing made absentmindedly,” but that definition doesn’t sit well with some who think that doodling helps them to think. Sunni Brown is one of those people, saying, “It’s totally inaccurate. It’s not an accurate representation of what’s happening for a doodler.”

  • Young and old together: Why kids and the elderly benefit from close relationships

    Parents Jeff and Heather Anderson know how important it is for their children to have loving relationships with their grandparents and elders. Their kids are lucky to not only have biological grandparents Carl and Rosalin Anderson, but also an honorary grandparent in their neighbor, “Grandma Margie.” Heather believes that, through these friendships, the grandparents teach the children non-judgmental love, while the kids bring happiness and youthfulness to the relationship.

  • Sex and Intimacy After the Baby Arrives

    Regaining your sex life after having a baby can be tricky, and some may have sexual issues they aren’t necessarily comfortable discussing. However, new research has revealed that many new parents these days are able to make time for their love lives amidst their busy schedules.


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