Message to Self: In 2015, Stop Texting While Walking

Message to Self: In 2015, Stop Texting While Walking
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How often do you text while walking and find yourself oblivious to what’s going on around you? It happened to New York Times writer Nick Bilton one time too many. After literally colliding head-on into another man who was also not paying attention because he too was busy texting, Bilton decided it was time for a New Year’s resolution: Make a conscious effort to stop what research has shown has become an all too common practice for many.

A 2013 report by Liberty Mutual found that at least 70% of us text while walking. The company’s driving safety expert David Melton says: “So much attention has been paid, and rightly so, to distracted driving that we have ignored the fact that distracted walking and crossing can be just as risky.”

As Bilton points out, it may be funny to watch YouTube videos of distracted walkers going into glass doors or falling down stairs, but safety is no laughing matter. National Transportation Highway Safety statistics show that thousands of “distracted” pedestrians are hurt and even killed each year. And a study by Ohio professor Jack Nasar found it’s young people between 16-24 who are more likely to be injured.

Also when you watch others who are texting while walking, observe the effect it has on their posture and balance- yet another reason to consider following Nick Bilton’s resolution. And you can even send yourself a Good for You Message each day you’re able to walk without texting. We’re rooting for you!

The New York Times, 12/24/14

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