When Grief Won’t Relent

When Grief Won’t Relent
Image by Gary Ross from Pixabay

What does it do to your health when you just can’t get over the loss of a loved one? Mourning and grieving after the loss of a loved one is a normal and challenging part of life. There are no words that ease the pain. What does make a difference is time, along with the caring and support of friends and family.

But as Jane Brody writes in her New York Times column, for some the bereavement period is prolonged to the point where it can seriously impact their health and well-being. It is referred to as “complicated grief.”

Dr. M. Katherine Shear of Columbia University describes it this way: “People with complicated grief often feel shocked, stunned or emotionally numb, and they may become estranged from others because of the belief that happiness is inextricably tied to the person who died.”

If you’ve experienced a heart wrenching loss, what helped you get through it? Share your story with us. And if you know someone who is currently grieving, consider sending a Good for You Message offering encouragement and support.

New York Times, 2/16/15

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