Love through the Lens

Photo credit:ABC News

Photographer Brandon Stanton, who has a website called Humans of New York, is on a mission to show what love means through his pictures. To date, he has taken over 5,000 photos of people in love around New York City, from older couples who know only too well each others “flaws” to young love that is just beginning and will change in time.

Through conversation and the lens, Stanton wants to learn what love means to them. “Everybody has a love. It might not be a person, but everybody has a love,” Stanton says. Love can have a different meaning for each of us, but Stanton’s simple photos remind us how integral love is to our lives.

One women he photographed, who is now 100 years old, shared with him what she said to her husband right before he died: “Moe, what will I do without you?” His response is good advice for us all: “Take the love you have for me and spread it around.”

ABC News, 2/14/14

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