What sleeping in your make-up does to your skin: Our shocking experiment exposes what happens when you don’t cleanse before bed

Photo credit:Daily Mail

Do you make sure you remove your make-up before bed, every night? Many of us know that sleeping in make-up can have harmful effects on the skin and eyelashes, yet we continue to do it. Anna Pursglove, pictured above before and after her experiment, slept with her make-up on for a month, and experts say her experiment caused her skin to age by nearly a decade during that time.

Anna explains that her skin looked red, spotty and cracked, and her eyelashes came out in clumps: “I had developed an intense aversion to mascara application and feared I may have done permanent damage to my skin. I had visibly blocked and enlarged pores all over my nose, dry skin across my lips and cheeks and red eyelids. The white cysts had given way to some nasty-looking eyelash dandruff.”

Anna’s dermatologist, Dr. Stefanie Williams, explains that sleeping in make-up causes a barrier to form over the skin’s surface, which locks much-needed moisture out and seals irritants in. Luckily, Anna’s damage is not likely permanent, but it does show what will happen if you forget to wash your make-up off before bed.

Daily Mail, 7/29/13

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