Tell Mom you love her

Tell Mom you love her
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Every year at this time, New York Post columnist, Cindy Adams, writes a heartfelt column to honor her late Mother, who meant the world to her. And she reminds those of us who still have our Moms around to be sure to let them know just how much we love them.

She describes her Mother, Jessie, as “the stunning, bright, sassy, educated, verbal, vibrant, witty, dynamic killer lady who had forever been my everything, the core of my being.” It was her Mom who always believed in her and was there for her, even once telling someone in no uncertain terms: “My daughter is going to become somebody.”

If you lost your Mom at a young age, middle age or later, you will be especially touched by the way Cindy relates how she will always remember her Mom: “I can’t believe my Mother is gone. Losing your mother is tough. For me, very tough. Even in my heart, the word is capitalized. From when I lay unfocused and unspeaking in the womb-home she created for me to when she lay unfocused and unspeaking in the home hospital bed I provided for her, she was my life.” Cindy was by her Mother’s side until the end and confides that she will never love anybody as deeply as she loved her Mom.

This Mother’s Day, Adams has some advice for all of us who are lucky enough to still have our Mom’s in our lives: “I only say, if it’s within your ability–call. Tell your mother you love her. I wish I could. I can’t anymore.”

New York Post, 5/6/15

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