Thirteen-year-old author writes own success story

Photo credit:CBS Evening News

Jake Marcionette loves writing so much that he was able to publish his own book, and he’s only 13 years old! In Just Jake, Marcionette takes on a humorous tone to explain what it’s like to be a student in middle school in Ponte Vedra, Florida, sharing some of the challenges he’s faced and how he avoided becoming a victim of bullying.

A quick Google search helped Jake learn about the publishing process and find literary agents with whom to talk. Some agents avoided the young author, but agent Dan Lazar agreed to read the book if Jake emailed it to him. Lazar quickly finished the book, saying, “I wrote back to him right away, and I said I finished, I read it, it’s great, can I give you a call. He wrote back and goes, ‘Yes, sure, call me after lacrosse.’”

Later that night, Jake nonchalantly broke the news to his mom, saying, “I told her from my room. I just kind of shouted out, ‘Hey, Mom! Can you come here? I have a contract for you to look at!’” Jake had a book deal within a month. He credits his passion for writing to his mother, who always encouraged him and even required him to write for an hour and a half every day during summer breaks.

When it comes to his audience, Jake shares, “I was probably writing more for the kids my age who might read it. Just for—to have them know that they’re not the only ones going through this. And, you know, it stinks, but it’s going to get better.” Even though his first book has just hit the shelves, the young author is already working hard on a sequel. Good for You, Jake!

CBS Evening News, 2/3/14

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