One Tough Cookie

Photo credit:New York Times

Kathleen King started baking and selling her own cookies when she was just 11-years-old, which led her to start her own baking company and even purchase the building it was housed in by the age of 23.

At age 40, Kathleen lost her Southampton, N.Y. bake shop after a business deal with her partners didn’t work out, but she persevered and created Tate’s Bake Shop to continue serving her delicious cookies.

King shares, “The greatest gift of my life was that I was never raised to be a victim. My natural instinct was to always get up. I would break down the things I was most grateful for: health, food, family, my bicycle. I was stripped down so raw, it was amazing. But the village of Southampton, the spirit of my community, was overwhelming. I was surrounded by kindness people didn’t even know they were giving.”

Tate’s is now famous for its gluten-free options as well, which many describe as the most delicious they’ve ever had. Tate reminds us that passion and commitment are necessary ingredients for any small business, and that it’s important to work hard for what you believe in despite any setbacks you encounter along the way.

The New York Times, 8/1/13

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