• Fran Drescher: ‘Happily’ green

    “Happily Divorced” star Fran Drescher is giving house-hold toxins the boot. A survivor of uterine cancer, Drescher knows that many cancers have environmental causes and are associated with the dangerous chemicals we bring into our own homes. Through her foundation CancerSchmancer.org, she has created a program called Trash Cancer that encourages consumers to be aware of

  • Daniel Radcliffe Reveals His Alcohol Problem

    Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe shared his previous struggles with alcoholism in an interview with GQ, but the 21-year-old was proud to say he’s been dry since last August. In an effort to cope with extreme paparazzi, Radcliffe turned to booze as an escape. Now that he’s more comfortable with his success, he says he

  • Whirlwind reign at an end for Dearborn’s Miss USA, Rima Fakih

    Sunday night marked the beginning of one woman’s journey as Miss USA, and the end for former titleholder Rima Fakih. As the first Muslim-American to wear the crown, Fakih worked to bring awareness about and more options to Muslim women. During her reign, she worked with former President Clinton in Egypt and visited American troops

  • Will Ferrell gets serious about cancer

    When his close fraternity brother overcame cancer and started Cancer for College, a charity that gives scholarships to college students living with cancer, comedian Will Ferrell was among the one of the first donors. Now that Ferrell’s fame has grown, he has become more invested in the cause, investing more than money and spending time

  • Celebrity Health Styles/ Celebrity Causes: Resources

      Celebrity Health and Fitness Celebrity Health & Fitness is a health, fitness, fashion and lifestyle Web magazine based in New York City. It publishes in-depth features and daily updates on news, opinion and gossip involving celebrity health, fitness, beauty, diet and fashion tips and secrets.


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