How the ‘Dining Dead’ Got Talking Again

Photo credit:New York Times

“As two people newly in love, we talked and talked,” Molly Pascal, writes in The New York Times Sunday Style Section, but in reflecting on her marriage, she shares how she and her husband had to learn how to “talk again” and in so doing “fell in love again.”

“Seven years into it, our marriage was different. After the machinations of getting the children to sleep, we would sit side by side in bed with computers on our laps, surfing the internet. We were not talking, not sleeping, so close and yet so far apart. This dynamic — of being physically together but emotionally disengaged — had also bled into the mundane of the everyday, with too much silence and space between us on the couch and with us cooking on opposite sides of the kitchen island.”

“Couples spend so much time together throughout a life. We human beings live a lot longer than we used to. Some of us stay married to the same person for 50 or 60 years. It’s no wonder we run out of things to talk about. It’s no surprise that we join the ranks of the dining dead. But it doesn’t have to be that way.”

Source: New York Times 06/24/2016

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