Healthful eating is smart way to sustain brain power, study finds

Photo credit:Los Angeles Times

Do you want to keep your brain functioning well and reduce your chance of cognitive decline as you get older?  It’s smart to eat healthy.  That’s the finding of a new study in the journal Neurology.

For five years, researchers at McMaster University followed 27,860 people in 40 countries, who were 55 and older, to see how their diets affected their mental states.

Those who maintained a nutritious diet of whole grains, fish, nuts and plenty of fruits & veggies were 24% less likely to experience memory problems than people used to consuming lots of meat, fried foods, and alcohol.

The results of the research seem to back those who advocate food as the best medicine.  A bad diet doesn’t support the brain with the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needs to build healthy cells and protect against inflammation.

With the incidence of Alzheimer’s continuing to rise, the study’s authors write:  “Improved diet quality represents an important potential target for reducing the global burden of cognitive decline.”

How ready are you to make healthy changes in your diet?  If you need some encouragement, check out chef Rocco DiSpirito’s story.

Los Angeles Times, 5/6/15

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