Green activists have hurt the environment by letting Hawaii and California burn

“But what could have prevented the near-100 deaths, the loss of thousands of homes and the billions of dollars of property damage (if there) was better planning for just this kind of event. That risk management didn’t happen despite years of warnings by climate experts, the utility companies and local residents.”

Stephen Moore writes in NY Post:

“It turns out that in recent years, the forest fires in California, Canada, and now Hawaii have emitted so much carbon into the planet’s atmosphere that they have undone most of the supposed benefits of the hundreds upon hundreds of billions of dollars the United States has spent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the past decade.”

He continued:

“In other words, if we simply took a small fraction of the money governments spend on wind and solar and batteries and taking away people”s cars, gas stoves and pizza ovens and instead spent the money on better forest management, we would be doing more to clean the air. And we’d be saving many more lives—of humans and animal life and trees. Isn’t that the objective of a truly ‘green’ agenda?”

New York Post, 8/21/23

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