• Study: Exercise cuts kidney stone risk in women

    According to a recent study, exercise (at any intensity level) may help women prevent kidney stones. Yahoo! News/ Associated Press, 5/3/2013

  • Working up to working out: When returning to exercise, build up gradually

    It’s easier than you think to hurt yourself in the name of health, so when beginning an exercise plan, slowly build to a sustainable regimen. The Boston Globe, 11/18/2012

  • Less Couch Means Less Junk Food

    According to a new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, experts say small lifestyle changes may have a “domino effect” in helping people lose weight, with one small change leading to another. In other words, when participants in the study were asked to change one lifestyle behavior, it was easier for them to

  • Stagnant Life, Stagnant Health

    Turns out exercising doesn't necessarily outweigh the detrimental effects of sitting for extended periods of time.  According to a 14-year study conducted by The American Heart Association, sitting for more than six hours a day increases the risks of heart disease and diabetes.   And Alpa Patel, lead researcher for the Cancer Society, says “Research and


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