Would You Refuse a Promotion to Stay in a Job You Love?

Photo credit:Wall Street Journal

Many people work hard to climb the corporate ladder, but what do you do if you already have your dream job? If you have the perfect job, it’s important that you make a proactive effort to keep that job.

Dr. Ken Siegel, a psychologist and president of Los Angeles consulting firm the Impact Group, says that many employees are afraid to tell their boss they want to stay in their current role because they don’t want to be seen as unambitious. The truth is, though, if you don’t want someone else to decide where you should go next in your career, it’s important to tell your boss why you love your current job.

Before talking to your boss, though, make sure that you have valid reasons for wanting to stay at your current level. Also, you should revisit your decision every once in a while to ensure you are still happy in that position. If you already accepted a promotion and you hate your new job, Dr. Siegel recommends waiting 6-9 months before telling your boss that it’s not working out. “It’s better to have that conversation than to fake it, because faking it usually leads to firing,” he adds. No matter what level you’re at, make sure you’re still motivated and satisfied by your job.

The Wall Street Journal, 7/16/13

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