White bread is a ‘bomb of sugar’ that can make you fat

Photo credit:New York Post

How much white bread do you eat each day? Could it be causing you to pack on extra pounds? A new study by Spanish researchers found that consuming 6 or more slices daily can contribute to becoming overweight and even obese.

Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, a public health teacher at the University of Navarra in Spain, explains why: “When you use refined flour for making bread, you lose the bran and the germ, and you lose essential nutritious components for the diet, such as vitamins. [Fiber] slows the absorption of sugars, but refined bread is almost like a bomb of sugar.”

After reading this, are you more likely to think twice about the amount of white bread you include in your diet? And if you are concerned about the amount of sugar you’re eating, consider this finding by British Researchers: Forty percent of food products labeled low fat, also had more sugar added to make them taste better. Both studies were presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Bulgaria.

New York Post, 5/29/14

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