Unlikely bond saves boy and dog

Photo credit:NBC News

Johnny Hickey, an 8-year-old from Georgia who has autism, has made great progress thanks to his rescue dog, Xena. Now Xena has been honored as the “Dog of the Year” at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ annual ceremony.

Xena was in bad shape when she was saved by rescue workers about a year ago, but she formed an immediate bond with Johnny once she was adopted.

Johnny’s mom shares, “We have laughter in our home where it used to be silent before.” She adds, “The journey has been unbelievable. It is overwhelming. It’s definitely an overwhelming emotional ride.”

Johnny and Xena’s story has already touched people in 95 countries and counting, working to spread awareness about both autism and kindness to animals.

NBC Nightly News, 11/24/13

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