Toddler’s ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ Rendition Melts Hearts

Grace Ann Rodgers, a 3-year-old from Liberty, Kentucky, has a genetic disorder called Conradi Hunermann syndrome that has required her to undergo many eye and spinal surgeries and has taken away her ability to walk, but boy, can she sing!

Grace’s mom, Angie, posted a video of the sweet little girl singing the national anthem, which has since gone viral and touched the hearts of thousands.

Angie shares one touching example: “A lady was receiving hospice and had six to eight weeks to live, and she’s choosing to spend the last days of her life watching my daughter’s video. You can’t describe how that makes a momma feel.”

Angie has received thousands of letters and emails, including one from a Green Bay Packers former linebacker, offering to help in any way possible. While Angie never imagined how many people Grace’s video would touch, she gushes, “I’ve not asked for a thing, and they just call us and offer stuff. I just sit and cry reading all the comments on the computer at night. I can’t believe this many people love her. She’s just being her sweet self.” Watch little Grace sing her heart out!

ABC News, 11/15/13

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