Sex and Intimacy After the Baby Arrives

Photo credit:The New York Times

Regaining your sex life after having a baby can be tricky, and some may have sexual issues they aren’t necessarily comfortable discussing. However, new research has revealed that many new parents these days are able to make time for their love lives amidst their busy schedules.

A University of Michigan study found that about one third of new parents restore intimacy within six weeks of giving birth. Some new moms, like Sascha Anderson from Manhattan, are worried that sex might be painful, while the study found that some dads are simply too tired after taking on the role of daddy.

“The expectation is we should be returning to the quality of our sex and frequency before,” explains Lori Brotto, director of the University of British Columbia Sexual Health Laboratory.

Dr. Roya L. Rezaee, co-director of the sexual health program at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland, thinks it’s a problem that ob-gyns typically only discuss postpartum sex health with patients if there is a problem: “It rests on us to at least ask an open-ended question, just like we ask if they are incontinent or feeling depressed.” So, Dr. Razaee says to take small steps rather than rushing things.

Los Angeles mom Delondra Williams had a hard time getting her sex life back after having her baby because she was in pain and didn’t like to be touched, but a year later, she says her sex life is great. Williams’ advice: “Women need to know it’s O.K. to be gentle with themselves and be patient. If you have open, honest intimacy, it will come back.”

The New York Times, 12/16/13

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