Richard Dreyfuss Opens Up About His Battle with Bipolar Disorder

Photo credit:People

Actor Richard Dreyfuss, famous for his roles in movies such as Jaws and Mr. Holland’s Opus, first opened up about his struggle with bipolar disorder back in 2006. Now, he’s continuing to share his story and working to shed a spotlight on depression. “There’s no shame in having depression. By telling my own story, I hope to help remove the stigma. It never should be something to hide,” Dreyfuss says.

One of the symptoms the actor has struggled with is anxiety, which he says he has dealt with throughout his life. His depression and bipolar disorder caused him to have both personal and professional struggles, but he keeps pushing on for his children. He credits therapy for his strength and the ability to be himself. “I’m able to be Richard again. Things are great,” Dreyfuss shares.

People, 11/12/13

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