• Consumer Reports Warns of Lax Testing for Medical Devices

    In a new report, Consumer Reports advises patients to do their homework before having medical devices implanted in their bodies.  The report explains that companies that sell defibrillators, stents or other such products can get FDA approval without undergoing rigorous testing. ABC News, 3/29/2012

  • Second Birth Control Pill Recall in Month

    Less than one month after Pfizer recalled nearly 1 million packages of faulty birth control pills, Glenmark Generics has recalled its version of the oral contraceptives because of a packaging error that landed the pills in the wrong order. The India-based drug company has warned that seven lots of norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol tablets distributed

  • Louisiana Issues Neti Pot Warning After Two Fatal Infections

    Fatal infections have been linked to Neti pot usage; two Louisiana residents died after flushing their sinuses with tap water. (A Neti pot, pictured, is a sinus-flushing device). ABC News, 12/16/2011

  • Listeria Worries Prompt Recall of Romaine Lettuce

    As health officials wrestle with a listeria outbreak traced to cantaloupes from Colorado, with the death toll now having risen to 15, Alaska regulators say chopped romaine lettuce shipped from California has been recalled because of concerns the salad greens may also carry the potentially fatal bacteria.  Read on for details. HealthDay News, 9/30/2011

  • Consumer Alert: Colorado Cantaloupes Prompt Warning After Multi-State Listeria Outbreak

    Colorado cantaloupes are the latest food to go under the microscope after the melons were linked to four deaths and 16 cases ofListeria, a potentially deadly bacterial infection. While the FDA has not announced a recall on the fruit, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned of the multi-state outbreak. The cases were reported

  • Sprouts Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in U.S.

    The FDA issued a warning Monday that alfalfa sprouts and spicy sprouts might be linked to the 20 recent salmonella outbreaks that occurred in five different states across the country. The tainted alfalfa and spicy sprouts are packaged in plastic bags labeled "Evergreen Produce" or "Evergreen Produce Inc." WebMD, 6/28/2011

  • FDA Issues New Sunscreen Rules

    New FDA regulations will require sunscreens to filter out both ultraviolet B rays and ultraviolet A rays once they go into effect next summer. The effort to reduce consumer confusion calls for more support from sunscreen companies to effectively combat skin cancer and increase protection from the sun. This video summarizes what you, the consumer,


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