A Reason to Think Twice About Your Child’s ADHD Diagnosis

A Reason to Think Twice About Your Child’s ADHD Diagnosis
Image by Patrice Audet from Pixabay

“Something is fundamentally wrong with the way ADHD is diagnosed. There’s a whole list of things that have nothing to do with the chemistry of the brain that increases your risk of being diagnosed with ADHD.” Dr. Martin Whitely, researcher & 1st author of a new study

Wall Street Journal health columnist, Samathi Reddy, cites experts like child psychiatrist, R. Scott Benson, who question whether too much attention is being paid to a child’s ability to pay attention in the classroom. He makes this point:

“We’re asking children to concentrate and focus when they don’t really have the ability to concentrate and focus yet. We really want to be more careful, as we get more academic in these younger and younger grades, that we don’t mistake a a slight developmental delay as ADHD.”

Do you have a child who you believe was wrongly diagnosed with ADHD at a young age?

Wall Street Journal, 12/3/18

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