Protecting our electric grid

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“But with scientists and engineers now advising that the cost and complexity to bring this problem under control is modest, our course is clear: We cannot, and must not leave our nation vulnerable. We must secure our electric infrastructure now.”

“If we do not act to protect our grid, our nation could be at the mercy of any enemy that can build, or acquire and launch, a nuclear warhead that could generate a devastating electromagnetic pulse across our nation. Or we can wait for that inevitable solar flare, which could inflict an even more devastating and widespread catastrophe on the human family. Fortunately, there is a time when every great problem is large enough to be seen, yet still small enough to be solved. This one is no exception. We can fix it. However we must act now and decisively. We cannot wait for the clock to run out on such grave threats when they are now predicted by all relevant U.S. agencies.”

–Democratic Congresswoman Yvette Clark of N.Y. and Trent Franks, Republican of Ohio in an article they co-wrote for back in 2011. (Since then, the House of Representatives on a bi-partisan basis has voted overwehlmingly to pass the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act. The Senate held hearings last July, but recessed in December without voting on CIPA), 4/12/11

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