Paying it forward, one drive-through at a time

Photo credit:NBC News

Have you ever been given a pleasant surprise by a stranger? People are helping strangers out at fast food restaurants across the country, surprising the car behind them in the drive-through by picking up the tab for their meal.

At a bagel shop in Tulsa, Oklahoma, more than two dozen people got free breakfast, courtesy of the car in front of them in the drive-through. When asked if he was surprised by this act of kindness, the shop owner, Pauly Sorrentino, said, “No, it happens quite frequently. Several times a week people come in and just say they’d like to pay it forward.”

At a Houston Chick-fil-a, kind patrons provided meals for 60 different drivers, showing just how quickly paying it forward can catch on. Catherine Hyde, author of “Pay it Forward,” which was later turned into a movie, is working to create a social kindness movement.

“It’s definitely been going on too long to be a flash in the pan, it’s not a fad,” says Hyde. While many who pay it forward wish to remain anonymous, it’s clear that their random acts of kindness are catching on. Have you ever paid it forward or been on the receiving end? Share your story with us!

NBC Nightly News, 10/24/13

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