Our hero! Batkid saves the day in San Francisco

Photo credit:USA Today

Miles Scott, a 5-year-old who has had leukemia since he was 18 months old, saved the day as a mini-Batman in San Francisco, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The Foundation created a day-long event for Miles, transforming San Francisco into a real-life comic book version of Gotham City in honor of the boy’s wish to be a Batkid.

Miles showed up in a Lamborghini batmobile and accomplished feats like saving a damsel in distress and solving a bank robbery. Sports blogger Carmen Kiew, who attended the big event, shares, “This just restores your faith in humanity. I love that this city came together for a little kid who has been so brave.”

Thousands of people showed up to participate in Miles’ special day, honoring the little hero with a key to the city at the end of the day. Social marketing company Clever Girls Collective helped to spread the word about Gotham-For-A-Day, leveraging social media and Twitter to gain support. “It wasn’t long before we were getting emails and tweets from all over the world, people saying that they were so glad they could participate in this event thanks to social media. It’s been amazing. It’s truly developed a life of its own,” says Stefania Pomponi, founder of the company.

Miles’ dad, Nick Scott, says he is grateful to all who helped make his son’s wish come true. He adds, “All the doctors, nurses and all the other parents that have to deal with the same thing we’re going through. I hope they get a conclusion to their illnesses like we’re getting.”

USA Today, 11/15/13

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