Not Having Luck Asking the Kids ‘So How Was School Today?’

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Do you have trouble getting your children to tell you about their day at school? Just asking “how was your day” may not illicit much of a response. Mommy blogger and former teacher Liz Evans has some good suggestions on the kinds of questions that will get children to open up and share their true feelings about what they experienced.

And they sure must be resonating with parents, because she has received over 2 million page views so far, as Kate Snow reported on the NBC Nightly News.

Evans recommends inquiring about the best or worst part of their day, what made them laugh, who was helpful to them, or who they in turn helped. She also suggests asking who they prefer sitting next to in class or not being anywhere near. Other questions like “when were you bored today” or “when were you the happiest” can get the conversation going as well.

Evans also suggests opening the channels of communication with: “Tell me something good that happened today” or “one thing that you learned today” or would like to learn more about. Or “If I called your teacher tonight what would she tell me about you?”

Let us know how well these kinds of questions work for you with your children.

NBC News, 9/5/14

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