Man Meets 5-Year-Old He Risked His Life to Save at Racetrack

Photo credit:ABC News

John Shear, now 92 years old, put his life on the line over two years ago to save a little girl who was in danger of being run over by a stray horse at Santa Anita Park racetrack in California.

Shear shares, “I knew I was going to get hit. I thought there was a possibility I was going to die but you cannot stop and think should I or shouldn’t I. There is a five-year-old girl. I’m 90-years-old. I have had a life. She hasn’t had a life. You got to save that life.”

The hero has worked at the racetrack for 51 years and still exercises daily to keep himself strong. Over two years after saving Roxy Key, Shear is happy that he finally had the opportunity to meet the now 8-year-old girl at her ballet performance. He also got to meet her mom. “When her mother came over and hugged me and said you’re my daughter’s guardian angel, I felt wonderful,” Shear says.

ABC News, 11/4/13

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