Lisa Bianconi: Life changer, music teacher, Grammy nominee

Photo credit:CBS News

Lisa Bianconi has been a teacher for the past 30 years at Kurn Hattin School, which is dedicated to helping children who struggle both at home and school. This year, Bianconi was recognized as a nominee for a new Grammy award called The Music Educator Award.

Bianconi had this to say of the children she works with: “They are kids who have been abused and neglected. They come in here really angry and… the first thing they say is I don’t do music.”

Emembet Stott is one 12-year-old who knows first-hand just how special Bianconi is: “The fact that she was right there and listened to me… I don’t even know how to explain it. She felt like the mother I never had.” So how does the teacher make an impact? Bianconi shares, “Never never never give up. These kids have all been given up. Everyday, I come in here with positive attitude, positive energy no matter what happens. Whatever happened at home, leave it at home. Give these kids 100 percent full force, full energy.” She’s a strong believer that kids feel a sense of accomplishment and establish emotional connections through music. Each student must take part in music education by focusing on it for two hour a day, participating in the choir, and learning to play a minimum of one instrument.

Stott knows the difference her teacher has made in so many students’ lives, saying, “There is never gonna be something big enough for what she does, even a Grammy. She’s bigger than that.”

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CBS Evening News, 1/20/14

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