Life’s Hard Lessons

Photo credit:The New York Times

Life is full of ups and downs, but the challenging times can actually be opportunities to make positive changes and take on new approaches to life. Dr. Norman E. Rosenthal’s book, “The Gift of Adversity,” is filled with life lessons that can help you to change your perspective during tough times.

For example, Dr. Rosenthal’s advice to those who have lost a job later in life is “Look within to gauge your worth rather than depending on institutions or the opinions of others, for institutions rise and fall and fashions come and go, but a good sense of your own value will see you through life’s ups and downs.”

Rosenthal says that mistakes can actually be the best teaching moments, so we should take advantage of them as learning opportunities. He also believes that skills that are usually learned early on, such as empathy, kindness, and responsibility, allow us to be sensitive to other people who may be going through difficult times.

The New York Times, 9/9/13

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