Keeping Food-Borne Illnesses at Bay

Photo credit:The New York Times

Have you ever had food poisoning? Up to 70% of food poisoning cases start in people’s kitchens, but there are steps you can take to minimize your risk of getting sick.

While grocery shopping, pick up dry goods before items that must be kept cold or frozen. It’s also important to keep raw meats separate from other foods in the refrigerator and to freeze any meat or poultry that won’t be eaten within two or three days. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands and all foods that you are preparing and avoid preparing meats and produce on the same surface, to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Use a food thermometer when cooking to make sure your food is safely cooked to the proper temperature, and immediately refrigerate any leftovers. Clean sponges and dishcloths that may contain germs, and use separate cloths to wash the counters and the kitchen floor.

The New York Times, 8/26/13

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