Jimmy Fallon writes thank-you notes to Jay Leno

Photo credit:USA Today

Jimmy Fallon is replacing Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, but not before expressing his thanks and gratitude to the longtime host. While Fallon plans to bring his thank-you notes from Late Night to the show, he shared a few with Leno in person on-air.

He joked around a bit first, saying things like, “Thank you, Jay, for teaching me how to be a late-night host — but was it really necessary for me to ‘wax on, wax off your entire car collection? I didn’t know I was going to get Miyagied when I came out here.”

But his final thank-you was a very sincere and heartfelt one: “And finally, thank you Jay Leno, for carrying on the proud tradition of The Tonight Show host with such humor and class and for being nothing but gracious and generous to me over the past years. I will do my best to make you proud every single night.”

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USA Today, 2/4/14

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