How Caring for Her Parents Inspired Lorraine Bracco to Lose 35 Pounds

Photo credit:ABC News

Taking care of her aging parents before they died made “Sopranos” actress Lorraine Bracco realize that she herself needed to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Bracco recalls the moment that it really sank in for her: “We were sitting there, dividing these medications, who gets what when. It was insane. I watched and realized, ‘I don’t want to go like that.’ I said, ‘I want to be the best I could be.’ I want to live every day the best I can be.”

Bracco plans on sharing the tips that helped her drop 35 pounds in a new book called “To the Fullest,” which will be published in 2015. She says, “The book will have recipes, a liver cleanse and ways to manage [one’s weight]. It’ a body-mind-spirit thing.”

She found what works for her is eating healthier and smaller portions of food, as well as steering clear of sugar and dairy products. If she has a craving for something sweet, she now reaches for fruit instead of Twizzlers, which used to be her favorite. The actress is also a fan of Pilates and finds taking classes with others provides a good support system and motivation when you most need it: “Now, I go to Pilates class three times a week. I love that there are women who are in their 80s in my class and there were kids who are 23.”

Shedding the extra pounds also gave Bracco more energy: “I am still a vibrant, contributing human being and I am not dead yet. I laugh because I used to wake up and everything ached before I got out of bed. Now I jump out of bed! I’m doing something right.”

ABC News, 4/1/15

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