Happiness U. Why thousands are getting schooled on how to find their bliss — and how it can help you at work

Photo credit:New York Post

Imagine sitting in a class where the main topic of conversation is how to be happier in your daily life. “What Makes Us Happy? Surprising New Insights in Human Nature” was just one recent topic at One Day University in New York, which was created to give adults the chance to get back into the classroom and learn new skills in a college-like environment.

The 500 students who attended this class learned how to view themselves and happiness differently, with a goal of being happier both in the workplace and at home.

Founder Steve Schragis explains, “It’s like what goes on in college campuses, but nothing is really at stake. You can’t fail, you can’t get in trouble if you’re late and there are no tests. It’s the positive parts of college without the negatives. You’re investing a day, not four years.” Classes focus on a variety of topics and range from a few hours to a full day of learning, taught by professors from top universities.

New York Post, 7/22/13

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