Group Launches Campaign Warning Expecting Mothers About Wireless Radiation

Could radiation emitted from cell phones be harmful to a pregnant woman’s unborn child? The Environmental Health Trust wants expectant moms to be aware of the potential dangers. Their newly launched campaign, which is supported by other health advocates, is called the “BabySafe Project.”

Dr. Devra Davis, a scientist and founder of the group, expresses her concern: “Right now, we are treating our children like experiments in a subject with no controls.”

There have been studies linking cell phone radiation to behavioral and neurological problems, but they were done using baby rats and mice. As Dr. Davis explains: “It would be unethical if we were to say ‘let’s take one group of pregnant women and expose them to cell phone radiation and the other group not.’”

To follow the campaign’s advice, here is what you can do to limit exposure: Avoid keeping wireless devices on your body. If you aren’t using your WiFi router, shut it off. And when you are talking on your cell phone, consider using a headset or putting the call on speaker.

Dr. Hugh Taylor, from Yale-New Haven Hospital, makes this point: “Moving that phone away from your body even a little bit can have a fairly profound impact on radiation exposure.”

CBS New York, 6/4/14

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