Grieving mother orca falling behind her family as she carries dead calf for a 7th day

Photo credit:Seattle Times

It’s not just humans who deal with grief & mourning. An orca whale has continued to do everything she can to hold on to her calf, who died just a half hour after being born. The story has captivated the hearts of those following the saga of this mother orca, who is part of an endangered species.

Research scientists like Deborah Giles from the University of Washington Center for Conservation Biology are concerned about the well-being of the mother orca:

“I feel so sad for that family, and for her mental state she must be in such anguish. What is beyond grief? I don’t even know what the word for that is, but that is where she is.”

The whale, along with her family of orcas, are being followed by the Soundwatch program run by the Whale Museum of Friday Harbor, Washington, Its executive director, Jenny Atkinson, said:

“We are respectively monitoring from a distance, we are committed. we are here to help her though this.”

Seattle Times, 7/30/18

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