Grandma Betty is the toast of Instagram thanks to great-grandson’s tribute

Grandma Betty is the toast of Instagram thanks to great-grandson’s tribute
Image by Solen Feyissa from Pixabay

What is the best gift a teenager can give his great-grandmother these days? Zach Beldon decided to create an Instagram account to honor his Grandma Betty, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The soon-to-be college student saw it as a way to help lift his grandma’s spirits and give her courage. It seems to be working. She already has more than 85,000 followers and counting! Zach’s mom, Hope Beldon, explains, “It gives her something to look forward to every day. She still asks every morning, ‘How many more friends do I have today?'”

It’s easy to tell from her account that Grandma Betty loves to dance, and her moves to Pharell Williams’ song “Happy” even got the singer himself to follow her! The account has been good for more than just Grandma Betty though. Hope shares: “It’s one thing to hear from your family, but it’s another thing when anonymous people you’ve never met are thinking of your grandmother. It’s phenomenal there would be this much outpouring of love. It’s also amazing they refer to as their grandma. I love it. I want to share her because she has so much to give. She’s always given the shirt off her back or the shoes off her feet. For her to get that back from people- love, prayers, anything, that’s amazing. I can’t be more thankful.”

Good for You, Zack Beldon for being such a caring and thoughtful great-grandchild. And Good for You, Grandma Betty for being an inspiration to us all. Do you know anyone who could use some cheering up today? Why not send a Good for You Message to encourage and support them during a challenging time.

Today, 3/17/14

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