Five Reasons Corporate Wellness Is More Important Than Ever

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These days, many companies are realizing the value of employee wellness. Joshua Love, president of corporate wellness company Kinema Fitness, points out, however, that many companies implement wellness programs without establishing metrics for success, leading some to fail.

As Love says, “Corporate wellness cannot be treated as a band-aid, and you definitely won’t be able to find it in a fitness app. Engagement, motivation, support and strategy are the keys to a successful program. If employees are not involved in the solution, it’s difficult to succeed. Preventable wellness is a complete lifestyle and behavior change and change takes time and commitment.”

Love shares a few tips that companies should keep in mind when designing a wellness program, which begins with awareness. It’s important to remember that many chronic diseases can be prevented, and that healthcare costs are increasing. The most successful programs are supported by strategy, time, and commitment from all. Being creative with wellness programs can make the programs more appealing to employees, challenging the employees to be a part of the company’s success. Execution is everything, and involving employees in the shared vision can help to ensure lasting success.

Forbes, 9/12/13

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