Family loses 300 pounds together

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Gabi Rose struggled with many health issues- from asthma attacks to broken bones- because of her weight, leading her to make healthy lifestyle changes to get her life back on track. “I didn’t realize it was affecting my entire family,” Rose says. But her efforts became a family affair, which led Gabi, her husband, David, and her 14-year-old daughter, Rachel, to lose a total of 300 pounds together!

Rose shares, “The weight loss in my opinion is the easy part. It’s the maintenance that’s hard, and that’s difficult and takes time and education and understanding.”

When Rachel was only in third grade, she had to shop for clothes in the women’s section because she was already too big for kids’ clothing. The family used to rely on a diet of boxed macaroni and cheese and frozen pizza, but they have since switched to cooking nutritious homemade meals together. They also started playing tennis together as a family, signed up for gym memberships, and even ran 5k races together. David says his wife inspired him to start his weight-loss journey and motivated him along the way when things got tough.

David has kept off a whopping 80 pounds for the past four years, Rachel has lost 50 pounds, and Gabi has dropped from a size 26 to a mere size 2. Now, Gabi travels and speaks to others about taking charge of their well-being, and she even hosted and co-produced a reality show, “The Get Fit Club.”

Good for You, Rose family! How has your family dealt with a weight problem or other health challenge? Share your story with us.

CNN, 1/27/14

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