Electronic Doomsday for the US?

Photo credit:Gatestone Institute

“Protecting the national electric grid from EMP is necessary to preserve the existence of American civilization, to sustain U.S. military power-projection capabilities, and it would also mitigate worst-case threats from cyber warfare, sabotage, kinetic attacks, and even severe weather.”

“The technology to protect the electrical grid is relatively straightforward and inexpensive. But only with action now could the grid be protected sufficiently to give the US industrial and economic capability a fighting chance to survive an ‘Electronic Armageddon.’ It is also possible to protect military assets through ‘hardening,’ but doing so after production and the fielding of equipment is time-consuming and costly. The sooner the U.S. starts with hardening its equipment, sooner the job will get done. The U.S. is seriously behind schedule in what is required to protect it.”

–Peter Huessy, Senior Defense Consultant to the Mitchell Institute of the Air Force Association

Gatestone Institute, 1/13/16

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