‘Chief Daddy Officer’ explains how to use business skills in parenting

Christos Efessiou didn’t know anything about being a dad when his daughter was born, but he did know the rules of the business world. His new book, “CDO Chief Daddy Officer: The Business of Fatherhood,” is filled with tips on taking a business approach to parenting.

Efessiou says parents need to be proactive and have a plan, just as they would in business. He also says, “The most important thing is that parents need to be mentors to their children, and they need to actually lead by example. That means, you cannot say to your child, ‘Do as I say, not as I do,’ because that’s not how children learn, that’s not how adults learn.”

Parents should also offer their kids options because it helps to empower them to make choices and to be responsible for those choices. Efessiou believes that hardworking parents can still be present: “The parenting of a child is as much emotional as it is physical. The child knows that you love them, so long as they feel you loving them whether you are in the same house or the other end of the world.”

Metro, 8/21/13

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