CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ is least cynical show on TV

Photo credit:CBS News

From 8-year-old Myles Eckert finding a $20 bill and giving it to a soldier tucked in a handwritten thank-you note to a middle-school football team saving the final touchdown for a special needs player on the team, “CBS Sunday Morning” never disappoints when it comes to positive, uplifting stories. Journalist Steve Hartman regularly delivers memorable feel good stories that touch the heart.

The show’s host, Charles Osgood, can always be counted on to wear a bow tie and end the program with a minute reminder of the beauty of mother nature, as well as introduce one interesting story after another.

And the program, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, is growing in popularity to the tune of over 6 million viewers–that’s a 14% increase this year alone. Writer Stephen Lynch made this point about the show’s success: “It’s stories–and it only runs positive stories–are delivered without a hint of cynicism.”

Hard news tends to concentrate on the problems going on in the world, but Hartman maintains that it “is not an accurate reflection of who we are.” He wants viewers to see the good that is happening all around us. “That’s what I want my stories to show–that the world is better than we think it is,” he shares.

Hartman has met a lot of local heroes throughout his career on “Sunday Morning,” but he credits his beginnings at local television stations in Ohio and Minnesota for helping him to develop his own style: “That honed my sense of what makes a good story.” He added: “I still think, how will this play in the Midwest?” One could say, very well indeed!

So a Good for You to “CBS Sunday Morning” for its refreshing take on stories that are well worth watching and enrich our lives.

New York Post, 4/12/14

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