Carol Burnett still delivers letters and laughs

Photo credit:USA Today

Legendary comedian and actress, Carol Burnett, loves the art of writing letters, so she was happy to guest star in the season finale of Signed, Sealed, Delivered on the Hallmark Channel. In the show, which airs Sunday at 8 ET/PT, Burnett plays the grandmother of a postal detective who’s dedicated to finding people who never received undeliverable letters.

Off-screen, Burnett still cherishes personal letters that have been sent to her over the years by her family and celebrities like Johnny Carson. She recalled receiving the letter from the former Tonight Show host after he watched old episodes of her classic variety show during his final hospital stay: “I got the sweetest letter from Johnny, saying how much he enjoyed seeing those shows again and it cheered him up. That’s certainly a letter to save.”

Her fans have also let her know that she’s helped them through tough times by providing them with some much needed laughter. “When you get letters like that, it makes your heart swell,” Burnett says.

While she now e-mails and texts, Burnett will always remain a fan of letter writing: “It’s a tactile thing. Also, your brain is thinking a little more, because you can’t just erase it and start over. You have to think about what you’re going to say.”

USA Today, 6/17/14

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