Car-to-car talk: Hey, look out for that collision!

Photo credit:Yahoo! News

Talking cars that can save your life? Automakers may be required to use new technology that lets your car know when potential danger is ahead, the government has announced.

Things like your speed, the position of your car, and other valuable information will be transmitted via radio signal to let other drivers know they may be involved in a potential collision, and some cars might even be able to break for you to avoid that accident. In heavy traffic, cars will be able to detect when other cars have stopped ahead. Your car could even predict when another driver is going to run a red light. It may also be possible for traffic lights and roadways to communicate with your car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 80% of accidents that don’t involve drunk drivers or mechanical failure could be prevented with the new technology. As Scott Belcher, president and CEO of the Intelligent Transportation Society of America, says, “It will change driving as we know it over time. Automobile makers will rethink how they design and construct cars because they will no longer be constructing cars to survive a crash, but building them to avoid a crash.”

While it may take years for the technology to demonstrate all of its true safety benefits, it’s a preventive step for the auto industry. Getting a new car might actually save your life.

Yahoo! News, 2/3/14

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