‘Boyhood’: A journey of poignant growth

Photo credit:USA Today

It isn’t everyday that you read such a glowing review as the one USA Today movie critic, Claudia Puig, gives to director Richard Linklater’s Boyhood. She describes it this way: “One of the most extraordinary films in decades, this family drama is also one of the most ambitious in scope, having taken more than a decade to shoot.” Puig goes on to call Boyhood “an epic masterpiece.”

Boyhood follows the life of a young boy named Mason, who is just 6 years old when the film begins. Audiences get to watch as he goes through–and grows through– the ups and downs of going from a child to a young adult of 18. Not only does Mason come into his own, so does the actor Ellar Coltrane who played him from start to finish over the course of the 12 years it took to complete the movie.

Puig describes Mason and his sister’s transformation as “a moving, clear-eyed and glorious meditation on the human condition.” She says that after watching Boyhood, the audience is left “with a breathtaking sense that we have witnessed something authentic, uplifting and profound.”

Puig considers Boyhood: “Easily the best movie of the summer.” She concludes her review by writing: “Boyhood is much more than a coming-of-age tale. As mesmerizing as a great novel, it brilliantly captures the ineffable, bittersweet process of growing up, as seen through the prism of a child’s lens.”

Will you now add Boyhood to your list of must see movies?

USA Today, 7/10/14

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