America’s oldest teacher may also be most beloved

Photo credit:CBS News

At age 100, Agnes Zhelesnik is the oldest living teacher in the United States, but she is known to her students at Sundance grade school simply as “Granny.” Agnes was a stay-at-home mom until she was 81 years old; she then became a home economics teacher to share her gift and keep herself feeling young.

One of her students says, “I just think she loves the children. She puts the love into her cooking.” Another student says, “And all the children love her, because she’s so nice, so compassionate. She perseveres a lot.”

To say thank you to their wonderful teacher, the students put on a birthday bash to help Agnes celebrate her 100th. It’s clear that Granny is truly a gift to her students, and she loves every moment she gets to spend with them. As she says, “What else is there in life? Children make the whole world.”

CBS News, 1/10/14

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