What runs in your family? Talking turkey about health

What do you talk about around the Thanksgiving dinner table? This story from November 2013 is every bit as relevant today. Then Surgeon General, Boris Lushniak, reminded us that it’s a good time to talk about your family’s history of diseases and any other information that can help you keep your loved ones healthy, as the holiday has been declared National Family History Day.

The power of nostalgia at Thanksgiving

According to nutritional psychologists and researchers at the University of Southampton, nostalgia (as experienced at Thanksgiving) fills a very important need to belong and feel socially connected, and is actually good for our mental health.

Raising Children With an Attitude of Gratitude

What are you thankful for today? Have you taken the time to teach your children the importance of expressing gratitude? Kids who are taught gratitude are more likely to be appreciative of what they have, and new research has shown they experience a variety of other benefits, too.

Pick Up the Pace: Walking More Quickly May Improve Your Health

“Since childhood brain health already at the age of 3 years was associated with walking speed at midlife, it looks like the early life function of the brain could affect the long-term function of the body and thus the walking speed.”

Stress can make you sick. Take steps to reduce it.

“One of the reasons I wrote this book was to give stress the air time that it deserves. The public needs to be more aware of how prevalent and damaging it is, and doctors need to be aware of some simple things to help people.” That’s what Dr. Rangan Chatterjee, author of “The Stress Solution,” told the New York Times.

Prince, opioids and the rest of us: America needs a massive public education campaign to help people hooked on Percocet and related drugs

Have you ever been prescribed a painkiller? Did the doctor tell you that opioids like Persoset, Vicatin and Fentanyl, while effective in the short term, can become highly addictive? Did you think that it couldn’t happen to you?

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