Get your New Year off to a good start with some quotes to inspire you

Get your New Year off to a good start with some quotes to inspire you.

Raising Children With an Attitude of Gratitude

What are you thankful for today? Have you taken the time to teach your children the importance of expressing gratitude? Kids who are taught gratitude are more likely to be appreciative of what they have, and new research has shown they experience a variety of other benefits, too.

What runs in your family? Talking turkey about health

What do you talk about around the Thanksgiving dinner table? This story from November 2013 is every bit as relevant today. Then Surgeon General, Boris Lushniak, reminded us that it’s a good time to talk about your family’s history of diseases and any other information that can help you keep your loved ones healthy, as the holiday has been declared National Family History Day.

New Pfizer data kills the case for universal child Covid vaccines

For the younger kids, it dropped from 65% in the first two weeks to negative efficacy: -41% a month later. In other words, the vaccinated young kids were actually more likely to be infected than unvaccinated kids a month and a half after vaccination.

Today’s elderly at greater risk of dementia, delirium from being prescribed too many unnecessary drugs

“Taking six medications or more contributes to challenges with adherence, since more complicated medication regimens require more time and attention, and increase the potential for making mistakes and inadvertent misuse.”

Americans Are Addicted to ‘Ultra-Processed’ Foods, and It’s Killing Us

“Our food, in other words, is literally killing us. Food companies have tricked our brains into making us complicit, and our elected officials are complicit, too. What’s needed is a better understanding of exactly how processed foods make us sick and a public reckoning with Big Food’s role in the nation’s health crisis.”

US in Great Danger of EMP Attack

“EMP is the ultimate cyber-weapon in the military doctrines and plans of Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran for a new way of warfare described as the greatest Revolution in Military Affairs in history. The EMP Commission has been warning about the existential EMP threat for nearly 20 years.”

The Doctor’s Office Becomes an Assembly Line

“Kathleen Blake, AMA’s vice president of healthcare quality, earlier this year cited studies showing that hospital acquisitions of private practices- which doubled from 2012 to 2018- have lead to ‘modestly worse patient experiences and no significant change in readmission or mortality rates.’ Flawed electronic health record systems in hospitals have resulted in deathly medical errors

America’s Electric Grid is Vulnerable

Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) generated from a solar storm or man-made high altitute EMP attack can take down our grid.

The threat is real, and the time for action is now!

Exposure to cleaning products in first three months of life increases risk of childhood asthma

“The risks of recurrent wheeze and asthma were notably higher in homes with frequent use of certain products, such as liquid or solid air fresheners, plug-in deodorizers, dusting sprays, antimicrobial hand sanitizers and oven cleaners. It may be important for people to consider removing scented spray cleaning products from their cleaning routine. We believe that the smell of a healthy home is no smell at all.”

What Every Parent Should Know Before Introducing Their Young Child to Technology

You might want to think twice before handing your toddler your smartphone. Check out our Good for You Conversation with Dr. Gail Saltz on what you need to know about children, technology and how it impacts their development.

Is your child’s use of electronics an addiction or a bad habit?

“Thomas just wouldn’t do anything other than play on his computer and phone. I’d lock digital devices in my safe, but he would outsmart me.”

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