Your Mother Is Always With You

A poem worth reading and sharing this Mother’s Day.

Life Lessons Learned From My Mother

I would like to dedicate The Good for You Network to the person who has had the most significant impact on my life—my Mother—my best friend, guide and teacher (as in adulthood, I became for her).
She made a positive difference in the life of every person she touched.
She taught me by her fine example about taking good care of yourself and others.

Tell Mom you love her

Every year at this time, New York Post columnist, Cindy Adams, writes a heartfelt column to honor her late Mother, who meant the world to her. And she reminds those of us who still have our Moms around to be sure to let them know just how much we love them.

McDonald’s to ban chicken treated with human antibiotics

For years, we’ve heard health experts and consumers alike express their concern that the consumption of beef, pork and chicken treated with antibiotics could lead to antibiotic-resistant infections in humans. McDonald’s has now taken a step to address those concerns. The company announced that over the next 2 years it will stop purchasing chicken that has been fed antibiotics also prescribed for humans.

People who feel younger at heart live longer

There’s an old adage: “You’re only as old as you feel.” So does feeling younger than your biological age make it more likely that you’ll live longer?

What Generosity Does to Your Brain and Life Expectancy

Need an antidote to stress? Want to do something that’s good for your brain and may even help you to live longer? Research shows that giving of your time, talent & treasure not only benefits others, it’s good for you too.

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