3 in 5 babies not breastfed in the first hour of life

3 in 5 babies not breastfed in the first hour of life
Photo credit:WHO

“Breastfeeding gives children the best possible start in life. We must urgently scale up support to mothers – be it from family members, health care workers, employers and governments, so they can give their children the start they deserve.”

That’s the message from Dr. Tedos Adhanom Ghebreyosis. Director-General for WHO, the World Health Organization.

WHO & the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) issued a joint statement stressing the vital role breast feeding plays in the health of a newborn. Here’s what Henrietta H. Fore, UNICEF’s Executive Director, had to say:

“When it comes to the start of breastfeeding, timing is everything. In many countries, it can even be a matter of life or death. Yet each year, millions of newborns miss out on the benefits of early breastfeeding and the reasons – all too often – are things we can change. Mothers simply don’t receive enough support to breastfeed within those crucial minutes after birth, even from medical personnel at health facilities.”

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